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At Kellett & Bartholow PLLC, our attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience in consumer bankruptcy litigation.

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Consumer Bankruptcy Litigation

We bring litigation on behalf of debtors in bankruptcy when the case is too complicated or time consuming for the debtor’s bankruptcy attorney to handle. We prosecute stay and discharge violations, proof-of-claim abuses, mortgage-servicer abuses and other creditor violations of the Bankruptcy Code and Rules.

Improper Credit Reporting Litigation

We represent our clients in enforcing their rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and ensure that furnishers of credit information and credit reporting agencies accurately report the credit histories of our clients. We sue to recover damages from those who have injured our clients through wrongful credit reporting.

Mortgage Servicing Litigation

Mortgage servicers often misapply payments and add illegal fees and charges to homeowners’ mortgage loans, among a litany of other abuses. We litigate against mortgage servicers and ensure that they never illegally foreclose on our client’s homesteads, and obtain damages for our clients for the servicer’s wrongful actions.

Consumer Financial Services Class Actions

We bring and prosecute class actions when creditors commit wrongful acts against consumers or debtors on a wide-scale basis. We have successfully resolved regional and nationwide class actions against financial service providers, including some of the largest in the country.

Unfair Debt Collection Litigation

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act provides important limitations on the actions that debt collectors can take in attempting to collect debts. We sue debt collectors that violate this important law through their illegal and abusive debt-collection practices.

Consumer Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement

We represent our clients in state court sued by creditors and debt buyers, and help them work out a plan to settle their outstanding debts. We also help them determine if bankruptcy is the most beneficial way of resolving their debt issues, including stopping a foreclosure or an automobile repossession.

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